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ReturnQueen Founders Are on a Mission to Make Returns a Brand-Building Experience

July 5, 2023

In an interview with PYMNTS, Dasya Katz and Daphna Englard, founders and co-CEOs of ReturnQueen, shed light on their strategy to address the burdensome nature of returns. Their approach aims to not only simplify the return process for consumers but also mitigate its negative impact on a retailer's bottom line.

When a customer signs up for the service, the initial setup process (which is not mandatory, but recommended) is designed to be straightforward. During this setup, customers are prompted to connect their Gmail account. This enables ReturnQueen to display all their purchases in a neatly organized list, sorted by return deadlines.

This feature allows customers to easily identify items that are approaching their return deadline. The items nearing the seventh day of the return period are highlighted in red, as a reminder for customers to take action if needed.

Additionally, customers can also link their Amazon accounts to access detailed order information and retrieve labels. ReturnQueen aims to generate as many return labels as possible on behalf of the customer, reducing the need for them to individually email specific retailers for return labels.

ReturnQueen has closely monitored customer engagement and satisfaction, and observed that within a couple of months, approximately 70% of customers who scheduled a second pickup indicated a positive reception to the service.

ReturnQueen is looking to expand its operations by establishing new sorting facilities. To date, ReturnQueen operates in 20 states, in primarily urban areas. However, their ultimate goal is to make the service available nationwide.

Read the full article here: https://pymnts.com/news/retail/2023/returnqueen-founders-are-on-a-mission-to-make-returns-a-brand-building-experience/