12N Code Listing

The RLA is managing the ANSI MH10.8.2.12N standard which defines field identifiers (FI’s) or field definitions related to the return, repair, refurbishing and recycling of products. The purpose of these codes is to facilitate the communication by manufacturers to consumers and front-line logistics professionals. Information on other pages describes the process for creating a Smart QR Label. This is a listing of the fields defined to date.

The RLA is maintaining a dynamic listing of Field Identifiers as a data dictionary. Manufacturers choose which of these fields they wish to include in their labels. Manufacturers then populate the label with their selected information and produce the label. Suggestions for new fields to be added to our dictionary can be submitted through the form included at the bottom of the field Categories: Filed Identifiers are four alpha-numeric characters that substitute for lengthier full field names that can be found from a look-up table. This facilitates translation into multiple languages. The full listing of FI’s is already available in Mandarin. The first character of a FI defines the category.

The categories are as follows:

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