RL Education

The RLA is proud to announce our partnership with American Public University.

Your educational goals and job satisfaction mean a great deal to us. That’s why the RLA has teamed with American Public University (APU), a leader in online education with a strong track record of working with students in reverse logistics, transportation and logistics, management, and manufacturing sectors. APU has an accredited academic program for a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Reverse Logistics. APU developed the program over a decade ago working with the RLA, and today their program leads the industry in turning out reverse logistics professionals who can make a difference. APU is offering special discounts for RLA member companies and their employees. Get involved and learn how to be a hero at your company.

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Why RL Education with American Public University is important

Reverse logistics education is unique and is wider-ranging than any other programs as very few schools recognize the importance and scope of this area. Many of us learned best practices in reverse logistics through trial and error, and those are costly lessons for any company. Reverse logistics cuts across many departments in any company including sales, marketing, customer service, supply chain, and finance. The impact of a slight reduction in returns volume has a dramatic impact on any company’s bottom line and customer satisfaction scores. There are not enough trained RL professionals because of the lack of university programs.

Why Choose APU

  • APU is the first university to offer an ACBSP accredited reverse logistics degree program
  • APU is the first university to offer a BA and MA in Reverse Logistics accredited by ACBSP
  • Flexibility through monthly program starts and weekly class schedules with no set log in times to achieve success on your schedule
  • Convenience through fully online coursework and 24/7 access, ideal to work around unpredictable schedules
  • Affordability with better-than-competitive tuition—a military tuition grant is available for eligible individuals

APU is committed to value too. As part of your RLA membership you’ll benefit from:

  • $0 cost textbooks/ebooks for undergraduate classes
  • 5% tuition grant for RLA members
  • $0 application fee
  • $0 to evaluate and award transfer credit
  • No entrance exams

Testimonial from current APU master program student and RLA Member, Rich Bulger

“I discovered the APU Reverse Logistics Master’s Degree program through my involvement with the RLA on the Advisory Board. Candidly, I have not come across another Master’s Degree program in RL that is online-enabled. American Public University (APU) is the civilian campus that co-exists with the American Military University (AMU). Many U.S. soldiers get their degrees from AMU while serving our country. As a former Army soldier, and a Reverse Logistics Director, I could not resist the opportunity to take part in this program for a variety of great reasons:

  • There has not been a corporate training program I have come across that specializes in returns management and I wanted to learn if we could leverage this program as a training ground my team and I could use for development.
  • There aren’t many training opportunities that would deliver a Master's Degree as an end result.
  • Being a member of the APU program with other students who are motivated enough to invest their time in a Master's Degree Program in RL is a very unique talent discovery opportunity.
  • I am surrounded by a large military population, many of whom are preparing for their next career steps.
  • The professors have significant reverse logistics experience. I have learned to value their feedback and insight.
  • I am proud to be a student at APU. My plan is to take one class at a time so I can continue to work, train, and be present at home.

I highly recommend this program to anyone. Please consider me a strong promoter of the Reverse Logistics Master's Degree Program at American Public University."

-Rich Bulger