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Press Release: Cabka Demonstrates Continued Leadership in Circular Economy with 2023 Annual Report


April 22, 2024

Press Release
Berlin, April 2024

Cabka Demonstrates Continued Leadership in Circular Economy with 2023 Annual Report

Cabka, the market leader in reusable transport packaging made of recycled plastic publishes its Annual Report 2023. It includes both the financial report for the accounts of Cabka N.V. and the company's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report.

Throughout 2023, Cabka remained steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, achieving significant milestones, which underscore its leadership in the circularity movement within the Reusable Transport Packaging (RTP) industry.

Cabka's dedication to sustainability is exemplified by its remarkable achievement of 89% of raw material originating in plastic material recovery. This means that the company was able to increase the already high proportion of recycled materials intake by a further 3% compared to the previous year. This accomplishment significantly surpasses the European average of 14% recycled plastics and the target to get to 33% by 2030.1, highlighting Cabka's pioneering role in reshaping industry standards. Notably, all products are 100% reusable, with clauses for take-back and recycling, further supporting the circularity ethos.

In recognition of its commitment to sustainability, Cabka attained "gold" status in the prestigious EcoVadis assessment for the first time in 2023. This underlines Cabka's exceptional performance across various sustainability metrics, elevating the company to be within the top 6% of rated organizations, a leap from the top 25% in just one year.

Moreover, Cabka's engagement with the Carbon Disclosure Program (CDP) underscores its dedication to addressing climate impacts. With a commendable B score, Cabka aligns itself with the overall performance of European companies, demonstrating its proactive stance in combating climate change. Cabka's performance surpasses the sector's average, being an average grade C across the plastic products manufacturing industry.

Cabka's commitment to low-carbon circular economy principles is evident in its product designs and material management strategies. By utilizing recycled materials and designing products for reuse and recyclability, Cabka minimizes waste and resource consumption throughout its product lifecycle.

With its business model, Cabka avoids more greenhouse gases than those generated by its overall company carbon footprint of 226,000 tons CO2e (Scope 1, 2, and 3). In 2023, Cabka took in 140,000 tons of plastic waste. Inhouse waste processing and predominantly recycled material input therefore led to 309,000 tons CO2 being avoided in 20232.

The report is available on the Investors section of Cabka's website, where it can be viewed and downloaded free of charge in PDF format. https://investors.cabka.com/reporting-and-investor-library/reports-and-presentation. 

1 Systemiq April 2022 report Reshaping plastics. Pathway to a circular climate neutral plastics system in Europe.

2 According to EcoInvent emissions data on plastics and modeling of Cabka’s processes, each kilogram of recycled plastics used by Cabka instead of primary plastics saves approximately 1.59 kg of CO2. Furthermore, each kilogram of plastic waste diverted from incineration saves 2.35 kg of CO2.

Image 1: Cabka demonstrates continued leadership in the circular economy.

Image 2: Cabka publishes its Annual Report 2023. It includes both the financial report for the accounts of Cabka N.V. and the company's ESG report.

Image credits: Cabka

About Cabka

Cabka is in the business of recycling plastics from post-consumer and post-industrial waste into innovative reusable pallets- and large container solutions enhancing logistics chain sustainability. Cabka is leading the industry in its integrated approach closing the loop from waste to recycling to manufacturing. Backed by its own innovation center in Valencia it has industry knowledge, capability, and capacity of making maximum use bringing recycled plastics back in the production loop at attractive returns. Cabka is fully equipped to exploit the full value chain from waste to end-products.

Cabka is listed at Euronext Amsterdam as of 1 March 2022 under the CABKA ticker with international securities identification number NL00150000S7.

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