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One-day seminars held around the world at key industry locations

RLA Seminars are one-day events held around the world at key industry locations creating easy access for anyone interested in learning best practices and strategies in Reverse Logistics. The seminars cover topics that are pertinent to Manufacturers, Retailers, and Third-Party Solution Providers. Do not miss out on the opportunity to hear directly from industry leaders as they roll up their sleeves and tackle the major issues in reverse logistics. The highlight of each RLA Seminar is the facility tour showcasing some of the most efficient return, repair and services operations. Check out the schedule to find a RL Seminar on focused industry topics near you!

Upcoming Events

August 4, 2021
Packaging for Returns and Refurbished Product

The Best Practices for Refurbished Products Packaging webinar Aug 4, 2021 2:00pm - 3:pm.  Unlike new products, packaging for refurbished products is not heavily branded and is not custom designed for each component. To be efficient, manufacturers must rely on a solution which is both economical and flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of shapes, sizes and fragility. This webinar will discuss the unique challenges with refurbished packaging—and review cutting edge, best practice solutions.

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We are always looking for great speakers to present at Conferences, Summits and Seminars.  Speaking is a great opportunity to share your expertise with our association. We often make presentations, white papers and recordings of sessions available for those that want more info or could not attend live.


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