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ERI Receives Overall “A” Rating from Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy Performance Measurement Tool

November 1, 2022

ERI announced last month that it has achieved an overall A rating from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s circular economy performance tool – Circulytics.

Circulytics, a comprehensive tool developed by the Foundation, measures circularity across a company’s entire operations, flags up areas for immediate improvement, and highlights opportunities for strategic innovation. Fundamentally, the tool helps companies transition to a circular was of doing business, versus conventional linear business models.

Circulytics measures a company’s “Enablers” (such as strategy, planning, and people, which enable circular outcomes) and “Outcomes” (a snapshot of how circular a company is today in terms of material flows, product design, energy use, and more). ERI received an A score across all themes in the Enablers category and an A- score in the Outcomes category, with an overall score of A.

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