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‘No-Box, No-Label’ Returns Becoming the E-Commerce Norm

December 13, 2022

Starting next year, retailers will be able to partner with FedEx to allow consumers to bring their unwanted e-commerce orders to FedEx Office stores without a box or a shipping label.

"The service is becoming table stakes in e-commerce," Tony Sciarrotta, president of the Reverse Logistics Association, told Insider. For one thing, printing labels — even free ones — at home is becoming less convenient as fewer people own printers, or go to offices that have one.

"You have to be at that bar or above. It's not just free returns — it's free returns without a box. Just drop it off without packaging," Sciarrotta said. "There's no doubt that consumers will love this simplicity."

Read the full article at Business Insider: https://www.businessinsider.com/no-box-no-label-returns-ecommerce-fedex-ups-amazon-2022-12?utm_medium=email&utm_content=6dM081wD_jQTryKvDlVSdczGkZR2cC-IcMJG7RE5EaSTQpq5KheQn9ZQvN_S2y4D