Nicholas Isasi

Executive VP


Nicholas Isasi, EVP - A 26-year veteran in Supply Chain Logistics, Nicholas draws from past experience to create quality, custom-tailored solutions for all types of businesses. With his drive and determination, Nicholas ensures exceptional service to clients and their customers alike. Nicholas and his team have a shared passion for, "the next level," and work together to better the industry as well as the community.

Nicholas been involved in logistics for over 27 years having been responsible for domestic transportation at both Time Warner and Leviton Manufacturing. For the past 14 years I\'ve been at DM Transportation where I currently hold the position of Executive Vice President. At DM, they work with catalog and ecom clients to solve both their forward and reverse logistics challenges for large item shipments. Their innovation, in collaboration with our clients, has resulted in a higher percentage of the returns DM handles going to do good partner Habitat For Humanity.


740 S Reading Ave
United States
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Consumer Products Committee Member 8/16/2018