Mateusz Lorczak

Key Clients Specialist


I consider myself a person familiar with defective spare parts management process as from the 2007 I am constantly trying to recover more and more of the customers value with reduction of internal costs and wastes we see in the RTV process.

An amazing challenge I got on my carrier life in 2013 when I was selected to be the WUR Program lead helped me to understand the full scope of the depot repair activities (which one of them was my main previous role, so RTV spare parts management process).

Another important year for my development is 2017 in which I was assigned to be a Business Unit Lead for the whole repair activities for one of main customers in the company I was working with at that time. This included supervisory role for previously ran WUR and RTV operations, but also new ones covering spare parts screening and repair programs for electronic devices (like Motherboards, LCD Panels, Processors, Graphic cards, Memory modules and many more).

Now knowing from the start how the repair of whole unit looks like - including but not limited to order creation, customer contact, logistics, diagnosis, repair, testing, spare parts management (including screening, repair and refurbishment) and return journey to customer - I'm more than happy to extend my horizons into new areas of providing excelence service to our customers - both the commercial ones as well as the consumer ones who in my opinion drives most of the challenges we can solve together.

2007-2009: RTV Coordinator - Defective Spare Parts Management

2009-2010: RTV Supervisor - Defective Spare Parts Management

2010-2017: Program Manager - Defective Spare Parts Management and Whole Unit Repair

2017-2021: Business Unit Leader - Spare Parts processes (screening, repair, refurbishment, defective management and RTV), Whole Unit Repair (including customer interaction services)

2021- now: Key Clients Specialist - configuration services, spare parts screening/repairs/refurbishment, whole unit repairs, whole unit refurbishment, software creation and testing


FordoĊ„ska 246
Bydgoszcz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie 85766
Committee Role Start End
Wireless and Mobility Committee Member 11/30/2021
Recycling & Sustainability Committee Member 9/30/2021
Service, Parts & Warranty Committee Member 9/30/2021
Consumer Products Committee Member 9/30/2021
RLA European Committee Member 8/30/2021