Dan Main

Director of Business Development


Dan Main is a director at Bidpath, which provides white label auction platforms for retailers, manufacturers and auctioneers.

Dan has worked closely with retailers, manufacturers, government agencies and financial institutions over the last 18 years to help evaluate surplus assets and design and implement strategies to optimise their resale. He has helped find new homes for items as diverse as military Humvees, the microphone used to record The Queen’s Christmas Day message, and $10 million of audio-visual equipment over 3 days.

He lives in Cornwall, UK with his wife Salena and 1000 house plants.


3 London Bridge Street
3rd floor, News Building
London, London SE1 9SG
Great Britain (UK)
Committee Role Start End
Consumer Products Committee Member 1/8/2024
RLA European Committee Co-Chair 3/24/2023
Consumer Products Committee Member 3/24/2023 1/1/2024
Recycling & Sustainability Committee Member 1/4/2023