RLA Health and Safety Guidelines

RLA has been staying on top of COVID-19 precautions in all aspects of our event planning. Based on what we know today, our RLA 2022 Conf & Expo Las Vegas event will continue to be in-person while providing a safe space for attendees to network and learn best practices in-person.

MASKS:  We are following CDC guidance and requirements set forth by the State of Nevada. Currently masks are required for all guests and employees in all inside public spaces, regardless of vaccination status. Unless guidelines and requirements change, please be prepared to wear a mask during our event. While we encourage you to bring your own masks, we will have masks available at our registration desk if needed.

VACCINATION/TESTING:  With everyone’s safety as a top priority, we will follow the lead of other major conferences where we will be requiring proof of vaccination OR a negative test within 72 hours of the start of our event (4:00pm Pacific Time, on Sunday, February 6, 2022)

Attendees will verify vaccination status or negative testing through CrowdPass, an online verification platform (not an app). The account creation and document submission process should take less than 5 minutes and you can use a mobile device or computer to complete it.

  directions and tips:

  • Those who are registered for the RLA Vegas 2022 event will receive an email from CrowdPass Team (support@crowdpass.co).  If you haven't received an email, you can visit this link and register here.   If you have any problems registering, please contact us at events@rla.org and we will help you
  • The first welcome email will ask you to verify your email address by clicking on the CONFIRM EMAIL button. 
  • The next email will ask you to Please Complete Your Health Screening Form.  Click on the COMPLETE THE HEALTH FORM button which will take you to our CrowdPass event page.  Click on the Register button.
  • RLA will email the RLA Conf & Expo 2022 CrowdPass registration link to all attendees who are registered for the event. Once you receive the link, click on it to access the online platform.  
  • Click on Register and choose the best method to create an account.  It is best to use the same email as your RLA registration, but not required.
  • Fill in the account details form and click on Create Account and Continue (Note: Your CrowdPass account name must match the name on your vaccination card or negative test results.)  
  • You will receive an email from CrowdPass asking you to verify your email. Please click on the provided link in the email to verify and then you can move forward.
  • At this time, you can upload an image of your vaccination card or take a picture of your vaccination card to submit, which will be verified within 24-48 hours of submission, but often sooner.
  • You as the account holder will be notified of your approval or rejection via email, and a report will be sent to RLA.
  • If you don't have a vaccination card, negative test results will need to be uploaded within 72 hours of your arrival at the event. 

We are in close communication with the Mirage and local Las Vegas authorities who are monitoring operational impacts that might come from the Omicron variant as related to being in-person, but we do not expect our event to be impacted if we continue to abide by the current mandates.

For more details or if you have any questions, please email us at events@rla.org.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you in-person in February.


If you don't have a vaccination card, you'll need to upload a negative COVID test result to CrowdPass within 72 hours of the start of our event (4:00pm, Sunday, February 6, 2022).  You can make an appointment now through your doctor or local pharmacy to have the test taken within that window of time.  Please keep in mind, appointment times are often booked several days and sometimes weeks ahead of time, so please plan accordingly and schedule your COVID test as soon as you are able during that 72-hour window to avoid any last-minute needs.  Follow the same directions above, just upload your NEGATIVE COVID test when prompted.  If that doesn't' work, feel free to also send negative Covid test result to CrowdPass' secure portal: secure@crowdpass.coDue to the high demand of COVID testing during the Omicron surge, RLA has instructed CrowdPass to also accept negative COVID test results from at home testing kits as of 1/21/2022.  

If you need a test taken locally after arriving in Las Vegas, there are a few options listed here:  

1.  For attendees who are guests at The Mirage, they provide In-Room testing for hotel guests.  Here are details:

2.  Clark County also provides testing locations.  Click on the link below for locations, registration/appt information and all other details. Please note, the wait time at these locations is undetermined, so please plan accordingly.   https://www.clarkcountynv.gov/top_services/covid19/testing_locations.php

3.  UMC Testing at Las Vegas Convention Center:  https://www.umcsn.com/Covid19/AdmissionBlueTreeGeneral.aspx?T=132

4. Local Walgreens and CVS pharmacies offer testing.  Appointments need to be made several days/weeks ahead of time, so please plan accordingly.

Please email us at events@rla.org with any questions or concerns.