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Apple Stresses Device Longevity, Extends Self-Service Repair to Europe

June 26, 2024

It wasn’t long ago that Apple products routinely raised the ire among repairability advocates. The iPhone maker has more fully embraced user repairability in recent years, owing, in part, to both sustainability concerns and the growing right to repair movement. Actions like parts pairing continue to rankle critics, including iFixit, which retroactively dropped the iPhone 14’s repairability score late last year over the policy.

In the simplest terms, parts pairing requires a specific component (in this case, first-party) for a device to function as intended. A new white paper released Wednesday offers the most in-depth glimpse of Apple’s current repair policy. Titled “Longevity by Design,” the study highlights a prioritization of durability over repairability.

Read the article here: https://techcrunch.com/2024/06/26/apple-stresses-device-longevity-extends-self-service-repair-to-europe