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Bidpath Achieves GreenCode Accreditation

Bidpath Inc

January 24, 2023

GreenCode is a new scheme that has been established to support organisations that understand their responsibility to do better. The GreenCode Standards have been in operation across multiple industries for over 25 years, under the leadership of environmentalist Dale Vince OBE. The Green Britain Group, which encompasses organisations from energy, sport, food production, manufacturing, transport and more, has led the charge to showcase that business and sustainability can (and do) work seamlessly with one another. GreenCode’s accreditation offers a clear and informed way to understand which organisations are making a true effort to improve, allowing for conscious buying decisions to be made.

“This is a fantastic endorsement of all the work we have done over recent years to reduce our environmental footprint and to embed sustainability thinking into the company. I would like to thank all of our team who have played their part and also the team at GreenCode for their support, guidance and challenge.” David Brindley President, Bidpath

Read the complete announcement here: https://bidpath.com/bidpath-achieves-greencode-accreditation/