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iFixit teardown of the MacBook Pro M2 Pro

January 30, 2023

iFixit is one of the top supporters of people repairing their own tech. In 2021, Apple started its Self Service Repair program, which embraces some iPhone and Mac models. One is the MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

Since the company released a new MacBook Pro with upgradeable processors last week, iFixit wanted to see if the “old” manual could also work to repair this new machine, as the design hasn’t changed. And, thankfully, the answer is yes.

The M1 MacBook Pro’s and the M2 MacBook Pro’s share similar manufacturing processes. This means more profit for Apple, lower costs for consumers, and most importantly for us, the ability to use the same repair manual nearly 2 years down the line.

My general impressions of the repair manual were positive. While convoluted and intimidating at first due to the length of the document (162 pages!) and the sheer number of warnings, the internal logic to make sense as I learned the layout of the manual and understood the methodology. Apple’s repair manual does set you up for success—provided you have the patience and time to carefully follow the instructions contained therein.

Read the article and watch iFixit's teardown video here: https://bgr.com/tech/macbook-pro-m2-pro-ifixit-teardown-shows-the-good-and-the-bad-of-the-new-mac-internals/