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NEW YORK! It's time to speak out for your Right to Repair

The Repair Association

May 12, 2022

NEW YORK! It's time to speak out for your #righttorepair! Any employer with operations or employees in NY State can help by writing their personal memo of support for A7006/S4104 Digital Fair Repair Act - and getting it to Assembly Member Fahy's office. Reach out to Gay Gordon-Byrne with The Repair Association with questions.

Use the below template to email your memo of support:

Typical memo of support template:

Email to:

Assembly Member Patricia Fahy: patriciafahy109@gmail.com

Alexander Flood: flooda@nyassembly.gov

Gay Gordon-Byrne of Right to Repair ggbyrne@repair.org


Memo: Support for NY Assembly A7006/S4104 Digital Fair Repair Act

[enter company name] is in support of the Digital Fair Repair Act. Our customers look to us for secondary market services of returns management, which often requires us to repair goods for resale on the open market. Without the readily available option of repair, we are unable to recapture value from returned goods -- adding costs to retailers which are then passed along to customers.

[optional - add any pertinent volume data about your business and customer base]

Consumers benefit from being able to purchase current model products at discounted prices, which is only practical if repairs are not monopolized to the OEM. When returned equipment cannot be repaired, we are forced to recycle products while still nearly new -- adding to our e-waste problem which we prefer to avoid. We urge passage of the Digital Fair Repair Act.

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