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ReturnQueen Partners With ReturnGO for a Superior Return Experience

August 22, 2023

ReturnQueen is “beyond thrilled” to partner with ReturnGO providing a “seamless, streamlined experience for online returns,” said Dasya Katz, Co-Chief Executive Officer at ReturnQueen.

As a leading reverse logistics company that strives to “deliver the best possible returns experience to help customers save money and time,” the company looks forward to continuing to offer its innovative services to online retailers globally.

ReturnGO is excited to partner with ReturnQueen to “reshape the way returns are handled in the ecommerce landscape,” commented Aviad Raz, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of ReturnGO.

The company is dedicated to bringing “convenience and efficiency to merchants everywhere,” setting a new global standard for post-purchase convenience.

The collaboration between ReturnQueen and ReturnGO introduces an array of dynamic functionalities to the industry, which include:

Nationwide doorstep pickup services featuring premium packageless and printerless return methods. A full-scale integration of technologies and an ecosystem accessible to all customers and ecommerce clients.

Online retailers and sellers stand to gain several advantages, comprising a more streamlined and efficient process, an enhanced customer experience, substantial time and cost savings, as well as a shortened reverse supply chain.

With the addition of home pickups, ReturnGO merchants can effortlessly integrate this feature by simply clicking a button, thereby extending an uncomplicated, dynamic, and unparalleled returns experience.

This collaboration follows ReturnQueen’s recent announcement about its nationwide expansion, enabling customers to initiate returns from any store across the United States, regardless of their location.

Customers enables to conveniently pack and label their items, and notify ReturnQueen about the best pickup time and place, all starting at just $7 per pickup.