Lisa Collins

Sales Manager - Recycling


Lisa Collins is a sales manager for Sims Recycling Solutions, focusing on large clients requiring secure recycling and/or destruction of products. Having been in the industry since 1999, Lisa has witnessed the changes in e-recycling from a scrap-value based service, to the serious and complex responsibilities of recyclers today. From data security, privacy regulations, downstream accountability, complicated battery management, and legal documentation, recycling electronics has become a sophisticated business requiring professional attention.

Lisa enjoys working with the diverse list of Sims clients and can often be found explaining Sims vast capabilities while guiding tours at the Nashville facility. In her off-hours, Lisa can be found hiking, biking or kayaking.


United States
Committee Role Start End
Women in Reverse Logistics Committee Member 4/4/2023
Wireless and Mobility Committee Member 2/26/2020
Consumer Products Committee Member 2/26/2020
Recycling & Sustainability Committee Co-Chair 1/20/2020