Dennis Ayo



Dennis Ayo, Executive Vice President at Triage Partners, LLC is a reverse logistics innovator. In the mid-1990’s as a partner at Circuit Test (CTI), he integrated CTI’s repair services with logistics leaders creating the industry’s first end of runway integrated repair and return service at airhubs first in Memphis, TN and then in Louisville, KY. CTI was eventually sold to Jabil Circuit in 1999 and Dennis became Senior Vice President at Jabil’s newly created subsidiary Jabil Global Services (JGS), adding reverse logistics and repair services to Jabil’s global electronics manufacturing business. Dennis was instrumental in the integration of repair services into Jabil’s end to end electronics manufacturing services. Prior to Triage and Jabil, Dennis held various business development and management positions with Apple Computer and Dell Computer. Dennis holds a BS degree from the College of Business at Florida State University.


205 S Hoover Blvd, Suite 401
TAMPA, FL 33609
United States
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Service, Parts & Warranty Committee Member 10/8/2020