Ken Jacobsen

VP Bus Development


Mr. Jacobsen is semi-retired, after 40 years in high tech. Much of his career was spent focused on the creation of industry standards. He was responsible for the creation of the InfraRed Data Association (IrDA) and for the establishment of the PCMCIA. He has provided technology brokering services for HP, Toshiba, and Lockheed. He was part of the Pocket Intelligence Program at SRI, International and has been involved in numerous startups. Most recently, he was a Director of the Global Software Entrepreneurial Training Program at Oulu University in Finland. He began his career in high tech as the International Software Manager at Osborne Computers in 1980.


45296 Elk Ct
Suite 108
United States
Committee Role Start End
RLA Standards Committee Co-Chair 10/8/2018