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2019 Vegas Michelle James CTIA - Keynote PPT Presentation- Reverse Logistics & Service Quality | Keynote SpeakersDetails
Reverse Logistics & Service Quality - Keynote Presentation by Michelle James, Vegas 2019

2019 Vegas - Steve Koenig Keynote PPT Presentation-Trends in Consumer Technology | Keynote SpeakersDetails
Trends in Consumer Technology from CES 2019 - Keynote Presentation by Steve Koenig, Vegas 2019

2019 Vegas: Kate Vitasek Keynote PPT Presentation- Vested | Keynote SpeakersDetails
VESTED - Keynote Presentation by Kate Vitasek

Keynote presentation- Green Business Models 2018 | Keynote SpeakersDetails
Green Business Models (Extended Producers’ Responsibility Schemes)

Return to the Future Keynote - 2018: The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Consumer Returns: Insights from Academia | Keynote SpeakersDetails
Return to the Future event, hosted by PostalVision and RLA, Sept 2018: Keynote Address by Michael Galbreth, Michael Galbreth Professor and Pilot Corporation Chair Head, Department of Business Analytics Haslam College of Business University of Tennessee

The Year Ahead - CES 2017 Trends | Keynote SpeakersDetails
Special Keynote – The year ahead - Steve Koenig, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Reverse Logistics of IoT - Scott Lofgren | Keynote SpeakersDetails
Keynote Presentation: 2017 Reverse Logistics Global Overview – Examining consumer returns in the age of IoT

Las Vegas 2018 Jeremy Witte Best Buy Keynote Address | Keynote SpeakersDetails
Keynote Presentation by Jeremy Witte - Best Buy

RLA Vegas 2018 - Examining the Circular Economy | Keynote SpeakersDetails
Trisa Thompson, DELL - Keynote Presentation: Examining The Circular Economy

Las Vegas 2018 - Nikola Motors Keynote Address | Keynote SpeakersDetails
Keynote Presentation by Trevor Milton - CEO of Nikola Motors

Lenovo, changing its culture and transforming it operations through Bold Work Out | Keynote SpeakersDetails
Lenovo computers is transforming its culture by implementing Bold Work Out throughout its organizations with demonstrated measurable and sustainable results of greater than 80% in process efficiencies and organizations that think “as one”. The Lenovo team will be sharing their expertise of the world-wide implementation from manufacturing to sales, results, successes, cultural implications, leadership growth and engagement of the employees. Mario Bofill, Western Operations, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and , Lenovo