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Going Circular | FeaturedDetails

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Publisher: Rich Bulger
Published Date: 2024

Going Circular: The Evolution of Reverse Logistics into a Competitive Weapon
Explore the transformative power of reverse logistics in 'Going Circular: The Evolution of Reverse Logistics into a Competitive Weapon' by Rich Bulger.
This book explores concept of how reverse logistics is transforming from being a “necessary evil” into a dynamic driver of profitable growth and sustainability. In Going Circular: The Evolution of Reverse Logistics into a Competitive Weapon, Rich Bulger redefines reverse logistics and presents it as a crucial component for boosting revenue, enhancing customer experience, and supporting the circular economy. Comprising seven chapters and three “reUse” case studies, Going Circular is a must-read for professionals that are looking to integrate reverse logistics into their evolving business strategies. By using this insightful guide to integrate reverse logistics into sales, marketing, and customer retention, Going Circular will help businesses on their path to both sustainable transformation and increased profitability.

Video Presentation - Amazon’s Plan To Fix Its Multi-Billion Dollar Returns Problem | FeaturedDetails

Presenter: Katie Schoolov

Katie Schoolov, Senior Producer at CNBC has been reporting on the nasty, wasteful problem of returns as the numbers continue to break records: $761 billion in returns last year (more than the entire spend on national defense) and 5.8 million pounds of landfill waste. She was finally able to get this exclusive interview with Amazon's head of North American returns, Cherris Armour, in her first ever public interview. Watch to hear all the ways Amazon is working to solve the problem by reselling, donating and liquidating returns.

Returns Savings Calculator | FeaturedDetails

Publisher: Reverse Logistics Association
Published Date: 2021

Returns Savings Calculator in white paper: Finance is from Mars and Reverse Logistics is from Venus

Going Backwards: Reverse Logistics Trends and Practices | FeaturedDetails

Publisher: University of Nevada
Author: Dr. Dale Roger, Dr. Ron Lemnke
Published Date: 1999

When this book was originally published it was one of the first research works examining reverse logistics and it costs and practices. Now, more than 20 years later, it is still relevant and can provide managers and students with a map of how to manage their reverse logistics processes and function.