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When Does Returns Management Begin? | White Papers & ReportsDetails

Choosing Reverse Logistics Provider | White Papers & ReportsDetails
This white paper will introduce you to the following:
  • Technology integration
  • Choosing the right partner
  • Gap analysis
  • Assessment and solution
  • Outsourcing

Service Parts Management and Benchmarking Report by Blumberg Advisory Group. | ReportsDetails

Service Parts Management and Benchmarking Report by Blumberg Advisory Group.



Going Backwards: Reverse Logistics Trends and Practices | FeaturedDetails

When this book was originally published it was one of the first research works examining reverse logistics and it costs and practices. Now, more than 20 years later, it is still relevant and can provide managers and students with a map of how to manage their reverse logistics processes and function.

Technology for Electronics Lifecycle Management | PresentationsDetails

Creating a digital identity for electronics and the batteries that power them and uniting lifecycle stakeholders on a blockchain platform enables a circular economy for electronics. RLA and Everledger are part of 'Team Portables' which submitted a winning entry for the DoE Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Prize.

R2 Certification | PresentationsDetails

Seri works to create a world where electronic products are reused and recycled in a way that promotes resource preservation; the well-being of the natural environment; and the health and safety of workers and communities. The presentations highlights SERI's R2 Certification and how the certification helps reduce electronic waste.

Utilizing High Density Labeling to Improve Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction | PresentationsDetails

Reverse Logistics Association's Standards Committee development of the 12N QR Code.

Digital Transformation and the Secondary Economy | PresentationsDetails

Every company has realized that customers care about Sustainability. The Circular Economy is dependent on Reverse Logistics for its supply of product. We will discuss the size of the Secondary Market for products, and how new technologies, like Blockchain, have potential to improve Reverse Logistics.

What Can we do about Climate Change | PresentationsDetails

A Look into Acers commitment to Circular Economy.  Using the Product Lifecycle planning  to incorporate the circular economy.

Cross Borders | PresentationsDetails

The Circular Economy- From Principles to Practice | PresentationsDetails

Overview of steps to move to a circular economy, while discussing the obstacles for CE.

PODCAST- Returns and Reverse Logistics 101 – A Journey of Success | FeaturedDetails

An audio/video podcast with Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director of the Reverse Logistics Association, and Bill Baron, Co-Founder ITAD Technologies, discussing the challenges retailers and manufacturers face when dealing with client returns. 

Spare parts obsolete stocks: Goldmine or black hole? presented by Joris Hitier | PresentationsDetails

The need to address customers expectations over time when it comes to providing spare parts and accessories, especially when the main product is phased out, leads to a catch 22: keeping old stocks on hands takes space and immobilized cash, but is a real asset on the long run to bring lost customers back to you. The question can be shared based on 3 different aspects: - the CFO's point of view (inventory write off Vs. purchasing value) - the supply chain and sales point of view (the hassle of keeping those stocks Vs. The resale price increase) - the customer's point of view: who can provide me with the parts I need, regardless of the price

Cost reduction with Reverse Logistics | PresentationsDetails

To recycle, reduce and reuse provides environment friendly ways to reduce negative impacts of growing amounts of waste on the natural environment. 3R’s for keeping the earth, a better place to live and optimizing your cost of operations. The presentation examines Muthaiya's experiences on how  3R’s is used.