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Disposition Decision Matrix based approach to optimizing recoveries within the Reverse Supply Chain | PresentationsDetails
Expanding on the traditional stratified recovery channel based approaches to disposition of product, the DDM approach considers various input factors like volumes, quality and warranty costs, age of product, expected recovery and infrastructure requirements to determine the most optimal combination of channels to maximize recoveries. The different channels may be internal use, high margin / online re-sales, offline broker /retail channels or alternate regional markets Ramswaroop Boddu, Supply Chain Consultant, Dell, Inc.

Feb 12 15:30 - Reverse Logistics and Corporate Social Responsibility | PresentationsDetails
Combining results of an empirical research and a review of literature, this presentation discusses the relationship between reverse logistics and corporate social responsibility and identifies some best practices. Haozhe Chen, Assistant Professor, East Carolina University

Secondary Market for Drives | PresentationsDetails
Secondary Market for Drives Thomas Burnam, Director Global Service Operations, Western Digital

Automotive Remanufacturing Yesterday & Today | PresentationsDetails
Joe will discuss how remanufacturing started in the USA, the drivers behind it, and where are we at today in modern remanufacturing with Electronics and Mechatronics and some of their challenges. In addition I will discuss the important role that Reverese Logistics plays within the Automotive Remanufacturing environment, which is truly the "core" market and how that market is serviced today, cradle to grave. Joe Kripli, Global Business Development Leader, APRA

Engaging Teamwork to Drive Customer Satisfaction | PresentationsDetails
This will an open discussion illustrating the success you can have by close cooperation between an OEM and Sales Driven Organization to improve customer satisfaction. We have found that our success has been to our closely aligned processes and synergies. SPEAKERS: Justin Harding, Product and Reverse Logistics Manager, Cincinnati Bell Wireless Robert Rodriguez, Director, Customer Care & Quality, Alcatel One Touch

Serializing Inventory for Sustainable Productivity Improvements | PresentationsDetails
This presentation will cover the process of transitioning from non-serialized to serialized inventory in an SAP environment. This process establishes an improved unit of measure (UOM) which will drive productivity improvements throughout each stage of the warehouse environment. Samuel Letzerich, Service Parts Logistics Sr. Manager, Samsung

Consumer Technology Trends and the Impact on Returns | PresentationsDetails
Explore the latest consumer technology trends fresh from the show floor of the International CES and examine how these trends are influencing consumer behavior. But more importantly, how will these trends influence the returns business? Steven Koenig, Director, Industry Analysis, CEA

Leaning Out' Your Returns Processes | PresentationsDetails
James Tilton from Rolls-Royce Corporation in Indianapolis will discuss how they attained significant cost reductions and efficiency improvements by applying LEAN Six Sigma DMAIC methodologies to their reverse logistics processes and the Remanufacturing Supply Chain managed by Rolls-Royce Global Repair Services/ Americas. James Tilton, CPIM, LSS GB, Logistics Manager Global Repair Services/Americas, Rolls-Royce Corporation

PANEL: Returns in the OmniChannel | PresentationsDetails
Come learn more about how the returns process is being affected as the Omnichannel gains momentum? What happens when a customer wants to return something they bought on line to your retail store? What if the store does not stock that SKU? Do they keep it? Do they send it back to the DC? How do you handle the return to maximize recovery? Come learn from an experienced retailer and what they are doing around returns in the Omnichannel environment. MODERATOR: Ron Lembke, Associate Professor, Supply Chain Management, University of Nevada PANELISTS: Curt Bimschleger, Senior Vice President -- Retail Logistics, GENCO Georgia Majors, Div. Vice President – Supply Chain, Logistics, Sears Peter Reynolds, Repair Center Manager, Sears

The Six Hidden Costs of Reverse Logistics - Re-released | White Papers & ReportsDetails
Companies make money selling things, not taking them back. But companies automating the reverse logistics process have discovered a nontraditional but relatively easy way to move dollars to the bottom line. (4 pages)

Authors: Lee Norman and Warren Sumner, ClearOrbit

Managing in Reverse: The Strategic Importance of Reverse Logistics - Re-released | White Papers & ReportsDetails
There are some unmistakable truths about top corporate execs. CEOs and EVPs love to walk the aisles of their stores, which are shiny and freshly waxed in anticipation of their "surprise" visit. Yet, on such field trips, they rarely see the stock rooms, and they are often hustled past the return counter. Likewise, they ride around the distribution center, seeing "neatness" on parade - rack after rack of new merchandise. But they are not afforded the same "royal treatment" when they tour their firm's return processing area. (3 pages)

Author: David C. Wyld, Southeastern Louisiana University

Maximizing Performance at Your Reverse Logistics Operations - Re-released | White Papers & ReportsDetails
How do you monitor the pulse of your Reverse Logistics operations? How do you monitor your Returns processing activity? What measurements do you use to benchmark and improve your performance?

Successful Reverse Logistics performance requires more than a few month end reports. In this article we look at ways to maximize your Reverse Logistics performance. (3 pages)

Author: Paul Rupnow, ReverseLogisticsProfessional.com

Why Mattel's Reverse Logistics Team Gets All the Resources They Need - Re-release | White Papers & ReportsDetails
While the Reverse Logistics teams at most companies are resource strapped and operating on shoestring budgets, Nancy Maclean's team at Mattel gets all the resources she needs. Maclean and her team have developed a very effective program to monitor, manage and prevent Returned Goods. Their work has resulted in a reduction in Mattel's cost of defective returns by over 50% over the last 5 years. For a large company like Mattel, with brands like Barbie, American Girl, Hot Wheels and Fisher Price, any reduction in product return costs can add up to a significant impact in profitability. (3 pages)

Author: Paul Rupnow, Reverse Logistics Professional Report

Six Reverse Logistics Tips for Better Replacement Management - Re-released | White Papers & ReportsDetails
When a customer is on the phone with a warranty issue that requires a replacement product, they are looking to be satisfied immediately. Often however, this is a difficult challenge due to the high cost, limited resources and low inventory levels allocated to manage your replacements. (3 pages)

Author: Paul Rupnow, Director, Reverse Logistics Systems, Andlor Logistics Systems, Inc.

Beyond Reverse Logistics, Web-Based Collaborative Reverse Logistics - Re-release | White Papers & ReportsDetails
by Tom Dziersk President & CEO of ClearOrbit Reverse logistics, though always a bother for any company, used to be a lot simpler. If a customer got an unwanted or damaged product, he packed it back up in its original box and sent it back to the manufacturer, which typically had all operations (manufacturer, shipping, and receiving) consolidated at one geographic location. When the product was received, credit was issued; new products sent out and old products discarded or repaired onsite.

Leveraging Technology in Reverse Logistics - Re-released | White Papers & ReportsDetails
Handling product returns is tricky. Assembling technology to help you effectively manage your Reverse Logistics is even trickier.

The "Need for Speed" in Reverse Logistics - Re-released | White Papers & ReportsDetails
One of the best opportunities for profit in your reverse logistics operations is available in the area of asset disposition. One of the best ways to enhance the disposition value of your refurbished goods is through speed. The "Need for Speed" should be one of your top 3 objectives in your Reverse Logistics processing operations.

Returning to Profitability - Re-released | White Papers & ReportsDetails
This article by Paul Rupnow discusses profitability improvement opportunities for reverse logistics processing.

Strategic Approach to Returns - Re-released | White Papers & ReportsDetails
While the manufacturer organization in the consumer goods market is heavily concerned with new product development and introduction, as well as the manufacture and production of saleable goods, the general underlying assumption is that the responsibilities for sales and support to the ultimate customer are the responsibility of the distributor/retailer. In broad terms, there are three (3) major types of retail distribution channels.

2018: The Top 5 Characteristics of Successful Repair Depot Operations for Product-Based Service Businesses - by IFS | White Papers & ReportsDetails